Mahesh Babu has experienced a great deal of loss this year, including the deaths of his mother Indira Devi, his brother Ramesh, and now his father Superstar Krishna. Mahesh is reportedly experiencing a great deal of mental trauma. Adivi Sesh, who worked on Major alongside Mahesh (the producer), made a comment about the latter's current circumstance.

"What Mahesh Sir is experiencing is incomprehensible. Nobody ought to endure such suffering. I send him my sincere best wishes for courage. said Sesh. Sesh had an interesting answer when asked if he had spoken to or met Mahesh. Mahesh Sir isn't conversing with anyone. I exclusively communicate with namrata garu. Sesh said, "He isn't receiving calls. It is understandable that Mahesh is managing the pain on his own and is only available to Namrata.

A few days after the renowned actor krishna passed away, mahesh babu, who is a superstar, posted an emotional message on instagram on Thursday. krishna passed away in hyderabad earlier this month at the age of 79. mahesh babu posted a vintage photo of his father and wrote: "Your existence was honoured... Even more people are celebrating your passing... Your magnificence is as such. You had a brave way of living; it was in your nature to be bold and intrepid. All that I looked up to and all that actually mattered are gone in an instant, including my courage, inspiration, and everything else."

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