Rajamouli is now a recognised figure on a global scale, and that is not an exaggeration. rrr has had tremendous success in the West, and now he is becoming well-known internationally. people are now talking about Rajamouli's hollywood at this point. It was recently proposed to rajamouli in an interview with a prominent cinema celebrity that he start training hollywood directors as soon as possible.

In relation to the subject, rajamouli has been the subject of numerous reports from the national media. According to this allegation, rajamouli was recently questioned about whether Marvel CEO Kevin Feige had contacted him. "I have been receiving many proposals from hollywood, but I'm dedicated to working with rajamouli," supposedly rajamouli said. He's a well-known telugu actor, and I like the project." According to the report, rajamouli did not confirm or deny the rumours that he might have discussed something with Kevin Feige, the CEO of Marvel.

He was directly questioned, "Are you being approached by Kevin Feige for a Marvel movie, or anything like that?" during a conversation with Total Film. While participating in the rrr awards campaign while stationed in the US lately, rajamouli remarked, "There are a lot of hollywood inquiries, but at this time, I'm committed to doing a movie with Mahesh Babu, who is a prominent telugu celebrity. I'm determined to work on a movie with him. However, there are many things about hollywood that I would like to study, including their methods of operation. I can see how working together might enhance the experience.

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