Actress kiara advani and filmmaker shankar are presently filming RC 15 in new zealand with rrr star ram Charan. All eyes are on ram Charan's upcoming film even while RC 15 is in progress. He is working on a sports drama with filmmaker Buchi Babu Sana. According to recent news, production on the movie will begin in january 2023. Soon, the cast and crew will be revealed. Venkata Satish Kilaru is the producer of the unnamed film.

In the film acharya by filmmaker koratala siva, ram Charan last appeared. The movie was a complete failure in the end. Charan, however, moved on and is currently busy filming Shankar's upcoming film. In order to create a sports drama centred on kabaddi, ram Charan has teamed up with director Buchi Babu Sana. He noted: "I'm pumped about this! I'm eager to collaborate with @BuchiBabuSana and the complete team (sic)." The producers intend to hire either devi sri prasad or AR rahman as the composer.

The circumstances surrounding how this movie ended up in the hands of the rrr actors are intriguing. Jr. ntr was told this narrative earlier this year by director Buchi Babu Sana, and they agreed to move through with it. But the movie didn't catch on. ram Charan opted to join the project after being approached by the director. According to reports, coastal andhra pradesh will serve as the location for the filming of this sports drama.

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