Actress rashmika mandanna has refuted allegations that she and Vijay devarakonda are dating. She claimed in an interview that Vijay is only a close friend and that travelling with him is fine. She added that while she will put up with internet bullies up to a point, if the line is passed, she will retaliate. rashmika revealed in the same interview that she struggled with communicating as a young child, which caused misunderstandings for others to mistake her for being haughty. She admitted that while she was a hostel resident, she used to cry by herself.

Rashmika responded that she learned how to live with a grin at an early age when asked how she maintains a constant smile. She revealed that she struggled as a child while growing up in a hostel far from her home. She noted that she struggled with communicating and had trouble getting along with other children her age. She was frequently misunderstood by others as a result of poor communication. She admitted that she used to sob in her room for hours at a time.

Rashmika gave her mother credit for helping her feel at ease, nevertheless. She claimed that her mother has always been her greatest source of support and that she used to talk to her about all of her issues. Her mother actively listened to her, recognised her issues, and always provided encouragement.

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