In general, it is said that movie stars, famous people, and even politicians are quite superstitious. Such personalities have appeared frequently, such as Chiranjeevi, Nagajuna, Mahesh Babu, or leaders like KCR, jagan, or N Chandrababu Naidu. Before beginning any new activity, whether it be the beginning of a new film production or the launch of a new party, they do believe in auspicious muhurtams, good omens, performing yagams, and praying.

But unlike other politicians and movie stars, power star pawan kalyan doesn't seem to be too superstitious. In reality, he frequently discusses Leftist thinkers like Gaddar, Tarimela Nagi reddy, and Bolivian rebel Che Guevara, giving us the idea that he is leaning toward the Left. Surprisingly, pawan kalyan abandoned his Leftist philosophy after 2019 (despite the fact that he still speaks with the same tone and cadence) and allied himself with the ultra-rightist Bharatiya Janata Party.

Pawan frequently supported bjp ideas, such as opposing the vandalism of temples and the degradation of idols of various deities under the jagan Mohan reddy administration, even though he did not preach or practise the RSS doctrine. According to sources, Pawan is much more superstitious than most individuals. He is highly devout and wears an Upaveetham (Jandhyam) similar to those of Brahmins and Vysyas. He starts any undertaking or work according to the auspicious muhurtam, a source claimed.

He also thinks that on significant occasions, Hindu rituals like special pujas and yagnams should be performed. There are rumours that he follows the advice of a spiritual teacher who is performing raja Shyamala Yagam for Pawan in the west godavari district. Pawan Kalyan's performance of special prayers at the Kondagattu temple while dressed in saffron-colored clothing and his impending travel to 32 Lord narasimha Swamy temples around the telugu states both demonstrate his spirituality. Perhaps the power star will engage in more of these endeavours before the AP's upcoming assembly elections!

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