Monarch bee samantha is well renowned for her intense workouts, and she serves as an example for all rising heroines when it comes to keeping a trim, seductive figure. But despite the severe effects of her myositis, she is fighting the affliction with tenacity and resolve. At a video of herself performing pull-ups in her home gym, samantha declares, "It ain't over till the fat woman sings.

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In addition to thanking her instructors, she said, "Being on the harshest diet (The autoimmune diet. Yes, there is such a thing) has shown me that mental toughness is more important than what you eat. It's encouraging to see samantha working out in the gym because prior reports said that she is unable of moving even her hands. Additionally, the courageous and gifted woman is participating in the filming and has already begun work on Citadel's indian adaptation in Mumbai. It seems that samantha won't take a break until she is once again fit and gorgeous.

Samantha recently broke down during the trailer launch of her upcoming release and dil raju also showered praises claiming that she has been a real princess and has faced all odds boldly and single handed and that is why he confidently spent so much money for the movie.

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