Samantha Ruth Prabhu is proving to be an inspiration for her admirers with every day that goes by. The actress was given an autoimmune disease diagnosis, but she has not let that stop her. Along with shooting and promoting her movie, the actress is also paying close attention to her health and attending all of her workouts. She recently released a video of herself performing pull-ups at the gym. The actress used the song Jalaluddin by the band Gravity as well as thanking them in her caption.

Samantha continued by discussing her auto-immune diet. It ain't over until the big lady sings, she penned. I appreciate the motivation, @whoisgravity. You helped me get through some trying times. I've learned that strength is not what you eat, @junaid.shaikh88, but rather how you think, thanks to being on the tightest diet imaginable (the autoimmune diet, yes there is such a thing).

Last year, samantha talked openly about her illness. The actress has subsequently continued to give updates on her condition. samantha Ruth Prabhu looks to have already started back at work after taking time off to address her auto-immune disease Myositis. The actress has reportedly teamed up with bollywood superstar varun dhawan for the indian adaptation of the sci-fi series Citadel

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