Hunt is directed by Kathalo Rajakumari veteran Mahesh Surapaneni. The suspenseful malayalam film mumbai Police served as inspiration. Good storytelling keeps one interested from the very beginning. But in terms of a compelling story, the director falls short. The proceedings progress slowly and never manage to attract the audience. Without any sense of involvement, the many episodes occur one after another. The fact that the story alternates between the past and the present doesn't assist the situation any more.

One feels completely cut off from the action because of the lack of involvement and the narrative's tendency to jump from one gigantic red herring to another. Instead than providing some excitement, the action blocks make things more exhausting. One feels dubious about the second half because the bang before the break is also average. When the second half starts, the worry becomes reality. However, the narrative is able to keep readers' attention as the plot develops and things begin to make sense. The several chapters that were previously seen finishing one by one draw the viewer's attention back.

The pre-climax and climax of the story are when the main drama and twist take place. It will absolutely catch one off guard if one is patient. But the real question is, can one endure that long? Up until the final punch, the movie feels drowsy and uninteresting due to the disengagement. The twist in the end is bound to leave one conflicted. It is appropriate for folks who haven't watched or heard about the original. First-time viewers are likely to have conflicting feelings about it. Overall, Hunt is a tediously performed thriller/drama.

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