Action movies are fundamentally about engaging the viewer and making them experience the thrill, forgetting about the mediocre visual effects and overused plot. In this regard, Shahrukh Khan's "Pathaan" succeeded the other day, since the movie is presently the talk of bollywood and is quite literally minting massive sums of money.

Speaking of Pathaan, "Agent" by akhil akkineni is one telugu movie that comes quite close to the plot, style, and thrills of that movie. Agent, a surender reddy film, was delayed significantly due to poor VFX, scene changes, and reshoots. The movie has broken all records and despite an ages old storyline, the stylish making and Shah Rukh Khan's screen presence totally saved the movie and in fact it ended as a big blockbuster too

And now that Pathaan is out, it's believed that the producers are under pressure because telugu audiences didn't take to this hindi movie all that well, despite the fact that it's on track to become a blockbuster in hindi theatres. The main cause of that is a lack of emotionally engaging content. Now, it's believed that Akhil's agent is also bothered by that. In spite of all these discussions, the release date for Agent has been delayed for a long time. Everyone anticipates that the producers will fix the date on this Republic Day.

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