Former indian cricketer ms dhoni has launched the "Dhoni Entertainment" name as part of his foray into the film industry. Lets Get Married is the name of the movie that Dhoni's banner has stated will be its first production. ivana and Harish Kalyan will play the lead characters in this movie, with veteran actress Nadia and well-known tamil comedian yogi babu playing supporting roles.

The title video, which indicates that the movie is a romantic comedy, was also presented by the filmmakers along with the announcement. dhoni Entertainment tweeted, "We're incredibly happy to share, dhoni Entertainment's debut production titled #LGM - #LetsGetMarried!" Ramesh Thamilmani wrote and directed the movie. Soon, more information will be released.

Mahendra Singh dhoni, the cool captain, is prepared to enter the film industry. At noon on january 27, the cast and crew of his debut film, a tamil film, will be revealed. Ramesh Thamilmani will direct the tamil film, which will star Harish Kalyan and Ivana, as has exclusively learned. Let's Get Married is the name of the movie, and it will begin production on january 27. The dhoni movie is another accomplishment for these two young actors, who are succeeding in their careers.

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