The Sankranthi 2023 box office champion Waltair Veerayya outperformed every other film. Yesterday in Warangal, the production crew celebrated the movie's success. The remarks chiranjeevi and ram charan made against ravi Teja during the function have gone viral on social media.

Speaking at the occasion, chiranjeevi brought up a specific moment from the movie in which he used his lungi to remove the grime off ravi Teja's poster. "I recognised Pawan Kalyan, my brother, in ravi Teja. bobby wanted me to clean the poster alone when he described the incident to me, but I also gave it a kiss. bobby assured me that no major hero would take such an action to advance a minor hero. But the forthcoming death scene will only look good if I do it, claimed Chiranjeevi.

The supporters anticipated that ravi Teja, who actually skipped the event, would be acknowledged and honoured for his role in Waltair Veerayya's success. However, Charan spoke to him disrespectfully, while chiranjeevi referred to him as a minor hero. The supporters were upset by it. ravi Teja, on the other hand, won't care much about any of this. He views ram charan as a close buddy and regards chiranjeevi as his older brother. Fans are the only ones that fight needlessly on social media. Therefore, it will be beneficial to look beyond the problem for the benefit of everyone.

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