Itto (Oumama Barid), the heavily pregnant wife of successful businessman Amine (Mehdi Debhi), fantasises about a day without his snobby family and in peace and quiet. Itto enjoys her day dancing through the lavishly decorated halls and indulging in confectionery without worrying about her aristocratic mother-in-disapproval law's when she finally obtains her wish. Itto, however, yearns to be with her family again after the government proclaims a state of emergency as a result of frightening encounters. Itto struggles to get back to Amine but manages to find assistance in the most unexpected of places. As she is doing this, she unintentionally encounters a phenomenon that sends her on a journey toward empirical emancipation.

An experience that is both mesmerising and frightening as well as uplifting has been produced by Alaoui. She logically examines the paradoxes of faith and purpose through Itto by dismantling the link between religion and humanity. One particularly memorable scene sets up the issues Itto will soon encounter when she is left trapped by her neighbor's treachery. Itto must endure a variety of adventures in order to safeguard her pregnant kid, including run-ins with strangely behaved animals and enormous clouds with green lightning. The adventure tests her tenacity and capacity for survival in the process.

What makes Alaoui's ambitious film Animalia interesting to see are the instances where the ideas collide. Although it is never made apparent how the mysterious phenomenon began or what the invaders' intentions are, the movie presents a lovely character study of a desperate lady who, in the end, looks for purpose in her newly bewildered life. To that end, Barid offers a superb depiction in which she deftly paces her subdued responses to illustrate the existential problems going through her character's head. After a first viewing, her performance will undoubtedly remain with viewers, and it will probably be what prompts them to watch it again.

Animalia is a powerful example of imaginative and daring storytelling that shows how to create a watchable movie with ambiguity and character development. In Sofia Alaoui's imaginative sci-fi debut, elitism is examined with a fair dose of challenging faith and purpose. It is captivating and uplifting. Although the storytelling is sincere in how it conveys its subjects while posing the question of whether humanity is necessary, it doesn't always work in presentation. The movie's theme that "all will be alright" is soothing at its best if humanity were to suddenly vanish.

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