Large OTTs now make it a point to purchase the majority of telugu industry star hero films, even if it means spending a lot of money. Netflix is ensuring that they will have the flicks of the greatest heroes among them. As they bought films like The Godfather, Waltair Veerayya, and Bhola Shankar, the OTT behemoth was already interested in all of Megastar's productions. Here's an intriguing passage.

During Sankranthi, Netflix already made the announcement that they were purchasing #SSMB28, a forthcoming film starring Superstar Mahesh and wordsmith Trivikram. The most recent development is that the OTT juggernaut bought the movie for an outrageous sum that is virtually equivalent to its box office take. Netflix struck a significant agreement with the production company to acquire the rights to #SSMB28 for all languages even before the movie started shooting. Additionally, Netflix is attempting to reach an agreement with rajamouli for Mahesh's upcoming film.

Telugu films have received a lot of attention from the OTT giant since it was discovered that Netflix memberships (from mobile users) are increasing in India. telugu films are receiving a lot of attention from the streaming provider even if telugu original series are not permitted by them.

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