Actress Sreeleela is getting offers for high-profile projects left, right, and centre. Every filmmaker wants to ride the Sreeleela wave in the wake of Dhamaka and Pelli SandaD's phenomenal success. There was a lot of criticism regarding the age difference between Sreeleela and ravi Teja prior to the release of Dhamaka. There was a lot of teasing that their relationship would resemble a father-daughter team. Yet everything stopped following the film's debut.

Because to ravi Teja's vivacious dance moves, his stylish outfits, and his youthful appearance, the couple didn't seem awful at all in the movie. He hushed all his detractors by finding a way to make the pair appear credible. In one of his next movies, Ustaad Bhagat Singh, Sreeleela is reportedly paired with Pawan Kalyan. Trolls have already begun attacking the age gap between the two.

Pawan Kalyan, unlike ravi Teja, has struggled to keep up his body as a result of his political campaigns. On TV, he appears older due to his recent flabby and unhealthy appearance. And due to his political reputation, Pawan, who in the past experimented with a few basic dance movements, has since limited himself to very minimum dancing. All of these elements combine to give the impression that his pairing with Sreeleela would be awkward and unconvincing. We'll have to wait and see how Pawan and the filmmakers portray this couple attractively on the big screen.

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