With the oscar victory for Naatu Naatu, SS Rajamouli's rrr carved out history. The debate over whether rrr is a telugu movie, South indian movie, or indian movie has been rather heated. Veteran actor and politician jaya bachchan recently weighed in on the hot topic after some leaders claimed that "south India" was responsible for the oscar victory of the rrr song Naatu Naatu and the tamil Nadu-based documentary The Elephant Whisperers.

After certain regional parties attributed RRR's oscar victory to the South, jaya bachchan responded to the controversy between North and South India. He stated: "The fact that we are talking about this nation's most significant ambassadors makes me really thrilled and grateful. Also known as the film people. They are indians regardless of where they are from — north, east, south, or west. I stand here with pride and dignity because our film community has won numerous honors dating back to Satyajit Ray and has frequently represented this nation."

"I would also want to add that I am well familiar with Mr. SS Rajamouli. The author (KV Vijayendra Prasad), who is a member of this house, not only writes the script but also the story (Rajya Sabha). It's also a huge honour. These individuals from the creative sector have been nominated in this house numerous times, including earlier today "Jaya continued.

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