Kabzaa is written and directed by R Chandra. It is a mobster drama with a strong kgf aftertaste that is set in post-Independence India. The beginning begins on an unremarkable note, yet within those few minutes, we receive a hint at the movie's numerous issues. The dubbing quality is the first thing that stands out right away. This is awful. The discourse is the second component. The combined impact prevents one from fully immersing oneself in the universe the director has created.

The story emphasises the obvious problem even further. The fact that Kabazaa features some of the worst dubbing in recent memory cannot be overstated. Even when there are interesting periods, it prevents the momentum from building. All kinds of problems with the narrative and the processes become apparent as we become disengaged from the action. The editing, which was once again heavily influenced by kgf films, is hideous. Overdone black fades are present. The action that jumps from one sequence to another doesn't make the action more exciting.

Prabhas is now worried as Salaar is also in similar lines and with two flops of Kabzaa and Michael, prabhas is literally baffled and worried.

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