In the past few days, nani has been actively marketing his first film to be released in all of India, Dasara. The entire cast of the movie mingled with the media today.

"Thanks, srikanth for providing me the chance to be a part of this great opus," Deekshit Shetty stated. Thank you, nani Sir, for all of your assistance. I appreciate you treating me like a member of your family, sudhakar sir. It was pleasant working with you, Keerthy Madam. You're the kindest person I've ever seen. A significant turning point in my career will be the character Suri.

"Thank you nani for presenting this movie to me," Keerthy suresh stated. I'm eager to work with you after Nenu Local. I heard the story twice from Srikanth. This will add to your resume, Deekshit. Santhosh provided excellent music. The character of vennela will live on forever.

Sudhakar garu has been producing original films, according to Nani. You will receive honours and incentives for watching this film. Making large movies will start with this. After dasara, Deekshit will have a hectic period. The physical challenge was filming the movie. I have a sneaking suspicion that dasara will cause an uproar in the theatres. With his film, srikanth Odela transported us to a totally unique and diverse planet. You'll have more knowledge of telangana culture. Whilst the story would be enjoyed by audiences of different languages, it is a celebration for the people of Telangana.

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