Sanjay Kapoor: sanjay kapoor used to do this work to match step by step with Madhuri, the actor told a funny story

Sanjay Kapoor has shared an anecdote related to his film Raja. He said that he used to work hard on the song Akhiya Milaoon in the film.

The pairing of bollywood actor sanjay kapoor and actress madhuri dixit was once very much liked. Both actors have appeared in Netflix's web series The Fame Game. Earlier both actors were seen in the 1995 film Raja. The film was a super hit. Even the songs of this film were super hit. Recently, sanjay kapoor shared an anecdote related to this film.

Sanjay used to do this work for dance with Madhuri. In a recent interview, sanjay kapoor talked about the film's superhit song Akhiyan Milaun. He told that the shooting of this song was happening in Filmistan and every day Satyam used to go to the hall at 6.30 am before the shooting of the song. During that time ahmed khan used to practice dance with him. He said that I had made a deal with Saroj ji that whatever part I would rehearse every morning, she would shoot on the same day so that I could dance well and properly with Madhuri.

Sanjay became a star in the film Raja. Let us tell you that the actor started his career in the year 1995 with the film Prem, after which he worked with madhuri in the film Raja. Due to this film, Sanjay got good recognition. Apart from films, the actor has also worked in many tv serials. sanjay kapoor is the brother of famous bollywood actor Anil Kapoor.

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