For the famous pair niharika konidela and chaitanya Jonnalagadda, breakup rumors are nothing new. However, it appears like a base is present this time. The unfollowing of each other by niharika and chaitanya, who are both extremely active on Instagram, fuelled breakup rumors. Not only that. There are a number of hypotheses as to why this breakup is occurring on social media.

Chaitanya's removal of their joint photos from his social media accounts has caused some friction in their marriage. Although it has caused uncertainty, niharika has not removed the couple's photos from the wedding. As a result, there are many rumors that the pair are having relationship issues. social media is buzzing with rumors that things are not going well between niharika and Chaitanya.

Mega fans are concerned about this chaitanya and niharika development. I hope any issues between niharika and chaitanya are resolved. At the same time, there are also talks going on that niharika is not happy with her husband and there have been a lot of war of words between them ever since they got married and the recent one has burst the bubble and took things out of the zone.

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