Three years ago, chaitanya Jonnalagadda and Mega Daughter niharika wed in a lavish ceremony. The udaipur Palace in rajasthan hosted their wedding in a very opulent style. The third year has passed since niharika and chaitanya were wed. In the entertainment industry, a story about Mega Daughter is becoming viral. The rumor that chaitanya Jonnalagadda and niharika have certain differences and are separated from one another has gained a lot of attention.

Also, they have stopped following one another on instagram, a social media platform. chaitanya Jonnalagadda also deleted her wedding pictures from her instagram account at the same time. His instagram photo with niharika has been removed. There were now whispers that the two were having a disagreement and that the distance between them had grown. It is evident that chaitanya and Niharika's marriage is having difficulties. Online users claim that the two have stopped following one another on social media as a result of their differences.

Yet, only chaitanya was responsible for erasing the niharika and wedding images. Yet niharika kept her pictures in that condition. On instagram, there are pictures of chaitanya and the wedding. With this, the news's truth has acquired a sense of intrigue. Are they going to react to this?

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