Das Ka Dhamki, starring Vishwak Sen and nivetha Pethuraj, has finally been launched, however, the film is receiving bad press. Promotions for the film, which was directed by Vishwak Sen, were aggressive, and the 2.0 trailer received a fantastic response. nivetha engaged with the media in the interim.

Nivetha sings the filmmaker and co-star Vishwak Sen's accolades. "A movie produced by a hero is not a significant deal. Yet becoming a film director entails a lot of responsibilities. Vishwak assumed three roles: producer, director, and hero. He performed admirably as a producer. Anything required was provided by him. He has exceptional enthusiasm as a director. Vishwak has the most energy of any filmmaker I've worked with so far after Trivikram.

Vishwak, she says, has a lot of brilliant ideas. Instead of playing the lead roles in his directorial endeavors, in my opinion, he should direct other heroes. Having a mass touch, Vishwak. He might resemble tollywood actor lokesh Kanakaraj. Big mass heroes like balakrishna can be directed by Vishwak. He absolutely adores gangster films. He will create excellent gangsters.

Now,as the movie receives negative feedback, nivetha Pethuraj's old interview of this gets trolled by Netizens.

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