Das and his friends are servers in a luxury hotel. Upon realizing Keerthy believes he is extremely wealthy, Das realizes his love for Keerthy was misplaced. How does Das keep up his charismatic personality? The main premise of the film is around Sanjay Rudra and how he is related to the other characters.

First and foremost, we must commend Vishwak Sen for the enormous amount of work he put into creating Dhamki. It is tough and risky for him. In the film, Vishwak Sen performs a dual character with conflicting tones. The actor portrays a simpleton with a simple and innocent outlook on life in the first half. He plays the role effortlessly, therefore there is nothing to criticize. In his flicks, he also incorporates his signature flair.

The second half and Vishwak Sen's dual function present the largest obstacle. We must admit that it evokes conflicting emotions in this case. Although the effort is apparent, it is insufficient. The inexperience in playing such a character is obvious. Again, he didn't ruin the moment, but the issue is that he didn't push it farther, which would have had a bigger impact. Perhaps a few years from now, he would have succeeded, but not right now. nivetha pethuraj portrays the stereotypical hot heroine role. Although her performance isn't particularly strong, she succeeds where it counts for business.

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