On Ugadi, Dhamki by Vishwak Sen was just been published. people have been comparing this film to ravi Teja's Dhamaka ever since its trailer debuted. The two movies' plotlines appeared to be similar, and ironically, both were written by prasanna Kumar Bezawada. In the meantime, Vishwak addressed these rumors during a movie marketing event. He claimed that it is entirely distinct from Dhamaka and in no way comparable. The parallels between Dhamki and Dhamaka, however, continued.

It got so bad that Dhamaka was performed in a vishakapatnam theater instead of Dhamki. At Vizag's sukanya theater, Dhamaka showed up yesterday during the morning show instead of Dhamki. It appears that the titles of both films confused the management. When viewers went to see Dhamki, they were confused to see Dhamaka's title cards. The management was alerted right away, and they changed the movie.

On social media, the video of this occurrence quickly gained popularity. Even Vishwak Sen was aware of it. Vishwak tweeted, quoting the popular video, "Confused? I understand. Happens.” Vishwak himself served as the director of Das Ka Dhamki. nivetha pethuraj plays the female role in it. Other significant actors included Mahesh, Rohini, prudhvi Raj, Hyper Aadi, and Rao Ramesh.

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