Koratala Siva, for a variety of reasons, has become one of the most discussed directors in recent years. Whether it was about Acharya's disastrous show or the delay in the start of #NTR30, he always found himself in the center of debates, but the director never spoke up. Many people anticipate his remarks at the #NTR30 launch because of this. And then it actually happened.

Koratala Siva remarked that #NTR30 will be a hugely emotional experience and the best of his works ever. He explained that this film is about the overlooked people from the rural coastal areas who are more linked to creatures and don't even fear gods. Thoughts are currently being dominated more by emotion than actual words because it was Koratala's own voice that filled in those sentences with feeling.

According to that conversation, it appears that the director of movies like bharat ane nenu and Janata Garage was extremely unhappy by the manner he was held accountable for the failure of the acharya movie after its release. The director hadn't previously experienced a failure in his work, but that moment forever altered his outlook. He may have been feeling upset because of this, and we can only hope that #NTR30 will be the biggest retort to his detractors and trolls.

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