Unquestionably, one of the top actors in indian cinema is Brahmanandam. He is well-recognized for playing comedic roles, yet he is also a serious and dramatic actor. In ranga marthanda, director Krishna Vamshi finally let that part of brahmanandam come to light. ranga marthanda, starring prakash raj and ramya krishna, was just released. In the movie, prakash raj and brahmanandam both portrayed theater performers. In the film, brahmanandam portrayed a serious and dramatic part.

In one of the movie's most moving passages, he let go of his extraordinary acting abilities. When brahmanandam plays a character this intensely, people are intrigued and startled. Prior to this, brahmanandam performed similar parts in movies like Babai Hotel and Amma. But for the past three decades, he hasn't played any such parts. Therefore, audiences of today were astounded to see and learn that he can play serious roles with a great deal of energy.

Due to a small celebrity cast and lackluster marketing, ranga marthanda is currently having a bad run at the box office. We must wait and watch if favorable word of mouth improves the position in the ensuing days to come.

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