The first look poster for the upcoming movie Mem Famous! by writer Padmabhushan- lahari Films and Chai Bisket Films was recently released. The Mem Famous! teaser, which reveals the plot of the film, was released by its creators. It tells the tale of three Chichore pals who spend their time drinking booze and causing trouble in the town. The three buddies sumanth Prabhas, Mani Aegurla, and Mourya Chowdary boast about their fame and urge others to do the same for them. They also have love tales.

They strive to get attention by interfering in everything. But the trio of buddies' antics make people laugh. We can't stop laughing as we see the incident involving the shredded jeans. In fact, the teaser is chock full of these lighthearted incidents. sumanth Prabhas' writing and directing leave an excellent impact. He and his companions all appeared appropriate for their various roles.

The soundtrack was composed by kalyan Nayak, while shyam Dupati was in charge of the filming. The preview makes it clear that Mem Famous! is going to be a pure entertainment. As the film prepares to hit theatres on june 2nd, vibe with the local youngsters.

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