The exciting news that telangana Labour and Employment minister malla reddy has been given a villain part in power star Pawan Kalyan's movie was revealed. We are aware that pawan kalyan and harish shankar are collaborating on the film "Ustaad Bhagat Singh." director harish shankar reportedly asked malla reddy about playing the movie's villain.

Minister malla reddy claimed that director harish shankar visited his home and asked him to play a villain opposite pawan kalyan for one and a half hours, but he declined the offer. Although power star pawan kalyan is currently working on four films, he finished filming one yesterday. (March 25). We are aware that production has just begun on the Vinodhaya Sitham remake, which also stars sai dharam tej and Pawan. In this movie, Pawan will be viewed as God, and he finished the talkative part of himself.

From april 5, he will take part in the filming of "Ustad Bhagat Singh." harish shankar is the director of this film. Without a doubt, the gabbar singh movie, which starred pawan kalyan and Harish, was a huge success and is a favourite among pawan kalyan fans. Since then, fans have been impatiently awaiting a sequel with the same cast.

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