Mahesh Babu fans anticipated seeing the first image of "SSMB28," but the producers said they will show it later in a statement. Some people assumed that the first look poster will be shown on Srirama Navami because the message contained the 'arrow' symbol. But today, the film's creators published a poster announcing the film's release. When other producers are putting together for a date, mahesh babu and his production company, Haarika Haasine, have a poor tendency of publicising it quickly.

Ram Charan and Shankar's movie will be officially announced on march 27 in honour of Charan's birthday the following day. The creators of "SSMB28" unexpectedly produced a poster announcing their Sankranthi 2024 release date, which led some to believe that the movie's release date would also be announced as Sankranthi 2024. The pressing need is to disclose their Sankranthi 2024 intentions and assert that they were the first to declare the date.

The actor and the director previously worked together on the blockbuster hits athadu and Khaleja, and now, after a 12-year hiatus, they're getting ready to work together once more on a big-budget movie. The pre-production phase of the S Radha Krishnan-produced project has started. Filming is expected to begin in august 2022, with a summer 2023 release date planned.

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