A federal minister has at last become aware of the offensive and obscene content on the numerous OTT platforms. All in the name of freedom of speech, which extends far beyond the privileges enjoyed by the century-old indian cinema industry. It is really odd that the judiciary, in addition to the nation's governing class, believes that OTT platforms have a right to freedom while feature films do not. 

Information and Broadcasting minister Anurag Thakur has issued a warning to OTT platforms that profanity and abusive language will not be permitted following reports and comments on the overabundance of filthy content in the news and on social media. Ministers are known to make sweeping declarations, but the legislation or cautions they issue are rarely followed through on. Why not take decisive action to resolve the matter once and for all instead of making a statement? Since their debut into india in 2016, this tendency of serving up obscene, violent, and gory depictions on OTT media has been clear.

Few are aware that a large number of feature films that india has prohibited from public screening are actually accessible on OTT platforms. Not to mention the foreign films that the Censors also forbade. The first movies that the OTT platforms purchased for theatrical release were those that the Censor Board had prohibited. As far as anyone can remember, "Black Friday" was Netflix's first acquisition.

What purpose did it serve to outlaw them? What purpose does India's censor board serve? These outlawed movies via OTT services are a jab at the government's skewed policy and the Censor Board. This is comparable to apartheid.

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