The telugu Warriors are one of the CCL's most well-liked teams. The telugu Warriors won the trophy this time, living up to expectations. The Bhojpuri Dabbangs and the karnataka Bulldozers, two formidable opponents, stood in the way of the telugu Warriors in the most recent competition, making it difficult for them to advance to the finals. However, they defeated these clubs because of outstanding performances, particularly from Thaman and akhil Akkineni, two of their key players.

Thaman's batting effort in the telugu Warriors' semi-final match against the karnataka Bulldozers was crucial to their success. Thaman, a well-known song composer in the telugu film business, showed off his cricket skills by scoring 25 runs in just 15 balls. By scoring 27 runs in only 15 balls during the chase, roshan contributed to the successful start. By taking four wickets in two overs, reddy -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>samrat reddy also aided the team. The squad qualified for the finals thanks to Thaman's effort at a key moment.

Similar to how akhil akkineni stole the game from Bhojpuri Dabbangs in the championship game. akhil took the initiative and scored an undefeated 67 off just 32 balls. The difference between the two teams turned out to be Akhil's exceptional hitting abilities. In the second innings, Thaman did an outstanding job by getting two wickets. ashwin babu also performed admirably. From the start of the league, Thaman and akhil have both been standout players, and they both performed to their fullest ability. The Celebrity cricket League has served to spread awareness of the sport and given these stars a platform to share their passion for cricket.

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