Recently, digangana suryavanshi finished filming her forthcoming web series Showstopper. The actress discussed this in an exclusive chat with News18 Showsha and claimed that the show is about a small-town girl with huge dreams. Showstopper, according to her, is a "very inspirational" tale that shows how a girl rises to "somebody from nobody" status in the fashion business. 

When asked if kangana Ranaut's part in the 2008 movie fashion and her role in Showstopper is comparable, Digangana declined and said the two roles cannot be compared. "I don't think it's anything that can be compared to 'Fashion,'" you respond. (the movie). To start, we didn't portray the fashion industry as a sinister one. Every industry has advantages and disadvantages, of course, but the show offers much more, she remarked.

The 25-year-old actress also discussed how the fashion industry is constantly denigrated. She argued that every line of work has its benefits and drawbacks and pointed out that the reason people tend to view the fashion or entertainment industries as dark is that they are constantly in the public eye.

"Every industry has advantages and disadvantages. The entertainment and fashion industries are frequently in the news. You can see more clearly if there is too much light. There are a great deal of other social injustices, yet they go largely unnoticed. When you read the news or watch a crime-focused program, you become aware of all the other instances going on all around you. They are unrelated to the entertainment business, according to Digangana.

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