The first malayalam hit of the year, Romancham, will be released on OTT. A horror-comedy called Romancham depicts the tale of pals who stay in Bangalore in 2007. Jeethu Madhavan, a new director, is in charge. Soubin Shaheer, arjun Ashokan, Chemban Vinod, and others played the central roles in the film. Both the people in the theatres and the critics gave the movie favourable reviews. Romancham is hilarious and occasionally gives you the necessary goosebumps. 

It comes with a fresh twist to the horror-comedy genre. It is after a long time a satirical horror comedy has worked this well in Malayalam. Romancham is entertaining to watch thanks to Jeethu Madhavan's astute direction, Sanu Tahir's superb camerawork, kiran Das's razor-sharp cut editing, and the charming performances by the entire cast. Hotstar will begin streaming the movie on april 1.

The indian horror-comedy Romancham, which was released in a number of theatres there, has gained enormous popularity in India. Fans were really pleased with it when they saw it in theaters, and they now want to see it again. The movie's nationwide popularity has skyrocketed after its formal debut in theatres on february 3, 2023. Romancham, starring Soubin Shahir, has already piqued interest among viewers.

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