Fans of Superstar Mahesh have been hurt for a very long time by the absence of a movie announcement and the rumors that the filming would be delayed. To allay their anger, #SSMB28's producers have now declared that the film will be released on Ugadi Eve instead of Sankranthi Eve 2024. Here's some additional news.

While the change in the release date has temporarily made them pleased, they are reportedly buzzing sithara Entertainment Vamsi's ears about disclosing the movie's title. On monday night, the producer made it clear that the next release wouldn't come until May 31. Due to the fact that it is the late Superstar Krishna's birthday on that day, the movie's title and preview are most likely to be revealed. Given how far away the release date is, they might only share the movie's title poster.

However, as the movie's release date was postponed to january 2024, Superstar's admirers are now chasing after SS rajamouli to learn when their biggest combo movie will be released. The director of "RRR" has just returned from his oscar campaign and is now enjoying the success of the award that keeravani and chandrabose earned. Let him first appreciate that.

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