If we look at the advertisements leading up to the release of rrr, ntr and ram charan showed that they both have a true personal connection. They described various incidents and how they came to form a bond akin to that of actual brothers during numerous interviews. However, the lack of coordination between these two-star heroes after rrr appears like is making internet users wonder.

NTR repeatedly claimed that he never missed Charan's birthday back then, but he was not present at ram Charan's birthday celebration yesterday. Everyone who has seen this has the impression that these two celebrities' claims of camaraderie are merely a publicity gimmick for the rrr movie. ram charan and ntr did not appear together at the recent oscar Awards Ceremony either. Instead, they were joined by a separate circle or team. Long ago, this scepticism was voiced by the opposing heroes, fans, and unaffiliated spectators.

Many people believed that ram charan and NTR's friendship was nothing more than a namesake before the premiere of rrr as well. Some members of the crowd and fans were convinced that this was not a true friendship because they were not both present during the promotions when rajamouli was not.

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