One of the few actors in the telugu film business with a sizable fan base among the general public and young people is Vishwak Sen. He is one of those celebrities who connects with his core fans in a unique way. His most recent movie, Das Ka Dhamki, has starts that once again demonstrate this. On the day of the Ugadi festival, a Wednesday, the movie was published. Not only in the telugu nations, but also in the US, the movie had strong openings.

But after a robust first day, sales drastically decreased. The first two days' box office receipts in the US were strong, but there was no weekend expansion, which is typically seen with every other movie. The receipts from friday and saturday are not even half as much as the first day's revenue. After a promising start on the first day, collections in telugu regions slowed to a stop. The movie was also advertised as being his debut pan-Indian effort, but nobody outside of the Telugu-speaking states has even heard of it.

This indicates that while Vishwak Sen's film has an eager audience, its subpar material is detracting from its appeal. Vishwak Sen has that pull to draw the audiences, but his poor choice of scripts is working as a deterrent. There are many heroes in tollywood who battle to get the audience to come to the theatres to witness their films on the opening day. Vishwak Sen not only played the lead role in the movie but also produced and directed it.

It is preferable for him to concentrate on picking good scripts and focus on giving his best performance at this early age. He should refrain from branching out into other facets of filming and subjecting himself to more stress. Right now, all he needs to do to grow his fan support and play good hero roles in movies. At a later point in his work, he can experiment with direction and other divisions.

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