Kangna Ranaut: 'As long as there is cinema in this world...' Kangana's fans crossed limits, worshiped like a goddess, and prayed

A video of a fan of kangana ranaut is going viral on social media. In the video, the fan is seen performing the aarti of Kangana's picture. people are giving a lot of reactions to the video.

Kangana Ranaut is one of those bollywood actresses who have carved a niche for themselves based on their strong acting. Whether actress kangana ranaut says something or not, she always remains in the limelight because of her statements. Although kangana makes headlines for her outspoken statements, this time she is in the limelight because of the craze of one of her fans. A video is viral on social media these days, in which Kangana's aarti is being performed.

Like kangana ranaut, one of her die-hard fans wished kangana on twitter on the occasion of her birthday. She shared a video on Kangana's 36th birthday, in which she is seen performing an aarti of kangana Ranaut's picture on the wall. In the video, she is seen saying, 'Happy birthday to you happy birthday queen, god bless you'.

The special thing is that actress kangana ranaut herself has also reacted to this video. He thanked the fan. Lots of comments are pouring in on this nine-second video. Many people are making fun of the fan for performing Aarti like this, while many people are calling kangana their favorite actress. So right their people have made fun of this video. A user jokingly wrote, 'As long as there is cinema in this world...'. One user commented and wrote, 'I am hoping that you must have worshiped your parents as much.. by lighting a lamp'. While commenting, a third user wrote, 'I love him too, but what is this'.

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