Thaman, the current top league's music director, is undoubtedly occupied with his many responsibilities. He appears to be disregarding the objectives, which is upsetting the heroes and producers. For mahesh babu and Trivikram's SSMB28, Thaman has signed on. The official production on the film began almost six months ago, but Thaman is rumoured to have sent no songs up to this point. It appears that Thaman has not yet created a single song for SSMB28.

The music writer was unable to complete SSMB28 because of his dual commitments to the CCL and indian idol shows. mahesh babu is reportedly not pleased with Thaman for prioritising his CCL playing and indian idol judging over his job and pushing it to the side. It remains to be seen if the music artist will at least start providing trivikram with some radio-friendly songs from this point forward.

The telugu Warriors are ecstatic right now, and it makes sense. akhil akkineni and his teammates worked diligently to win the recently concluded Celebrity cricket League and, in the same vein, provided their devoted fans with some incredibly exciting entertainment. The competition itself ebbed and flowed and was filled with drama for the Warriors, who navigated all the key moments to win the trophy.

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