A number of high-profile films are set for release in the summer of 2023, making it a thrilling season. Among all of these new releases, two pan-Indian films stand out because their unavoidable clash has increased the stakes at the box office and the excitement of moviegoers across India.

These movies are Jawan by shahrukh khan and Adipurush by Prabhas. Atlee, the director of Jawan, has long since declared a 2nd june release date. Additionally, the creators of Adipurush recently disclosed the release date of june 16th. However, there have been rumours that both of these films may be delayed. Both of these films' production teams have denied these rumors, saying that the film's release is proceeding as scheduled.

Both films are highly anticipated and will draw viewers from all linguistic backgrounds. The presence of Om Raut, a well-known name in bollywood, and Prabhas, a star across all of India, is a significant attraction for Adipurush. With bollywood Superstar shahrukh khan, who is a real pan-India star and is in top form with Pathaan, it is completely the opposite for Jawan. He will work with director Atlee, whose involvement will benefit the movie and is anticipated to use a lot of major southern languages.

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