Today marked the cinema release of Dasara. The movie represents the collaboration of nani and srikanth Odela, a new filmmaker. Now, in the past, srikanth is a very popular name. First and foremost, nani deserves praise for collaborating on a movie like dasara with a new director, in this instance srikanth Odela. An established hero like nani typically plans to work with an established filmmaker when he embarks on a project of this magnitude.

However, nani put all of his faith in srikanth, a novice, and made the movie. Additionally, he gave the movie everything he had. Additionally, the director Sudhakar Cherukuri did a fantastic job. He put a lot of money into the undertaking because he had faith in the new director. He also appointed a first-rate principal staff, giving the director a fantastic technical team.

While srikanth may not have performed miraculously well, as a debut director, he has outperformed predictions. Although he did have the support of an A-list cast and crew, his ability to bring everything together and realise his vision for a rustic product is remarkable. srikanth has proved that he is from the school of sukumar and he is now on the top league of directors already.

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