In preparation for the big premiere of the forthcoming movie Shaakuntalam, samantha Ruth Prabhu is getting ready. The first single, mallika Mallika, has a video out today, and the actress, who plays princess Shakuntala, appears stunning in it. The calming music portrays the woman yearning for her lover. She is seen wearing a white traditional lehenga with flowers as ornaments in the film. Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, and kannada are the five languages in which the music "Mallika-Mallika" is available.
Netizens commented that samantha does the role of a lesbian as she romances girls in this song and most of them are filled with lewd comments. The picture Shaakuntalam, starring samantha Ruth Prabhu, is described as "mythology for millennials" by producer Neelima Guna and her father, director Gunasekha. The father-daughter team from hyderabad talk for an hour about how they tried to make Kalidasa's sanskrit drama Abhijnanasakuntalam appealing to a modern audience while attempting to capture its essence.

Since the 1960s, there haven't been many on-screen mythological tales, according to Neelima. people have recently started to express interest in ancient and mythological tales once more. The older versions of Shakuntala's tale had more drama and some of the sanskrit poetry was still present. For the younger population, the drama has been toned down.

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