Whatever happens, all falls on Rajini only..!?

Superstar Rajinikanth's daughters are spoiling the name he has made for himself in the cinema is the allegation made by his fans, be it in the kollywood circle or the general public. The subsequent incidents are happening just like that. Actor Simbu's Pathu Thala movie was released yesterday. The release was celebrated as a huge celebration all over tamil Nadu. Meanwhile, an incident at a famous theater in chennai has created a huge controversy. people belonging to a particular community go to that theater to watch the movie with their families. But they were refused entry to the theater citing their social and dress reasons. It has been creating a huge buzz since yesterday. Many celebrities are also protesting this incident.
When the matter went viral, the theater issued an official statement saying that the film was a U/A certificated film and they did not allow them to come with children. Now the family of Superstar Rajini has come to know that the statement they gave is a blatant lie. Apart from Superstar Rajini, his entire family i.e. aishwarya and Soundarya's children have seen the movie Pathu Thala yesterday in the same theatre. netizens are now questioning how the theater allowed only these two children on the grounds of a U/A certificate.Wherever there is an issue in tamil Nadu, it is the head of the superstar that is finally rolling. people on social media are questioning whether the theater does not allow people of a particular community to be treated as royalty. They went to this theater as if they had no other theater and now they have unnecessarily dragged Rajini into this problem.

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