Actor Manchu Manoj shared a viral video of his older sibling vishnu fighting with some of Manoj's close friends just a few days after his wedding. Manoj continued by saying that vishnu still attacks his family members far too frequently. Without a doubt, the video had strengthened the present rumours that there is a problem between the Manchu brothers.

In response to the viral video, vishnu said the incident was unimportant and that this was just a small family issue that shouldn't be taken seriously. However, when manchu vishnu revealed a brand-new reality series called "House of Manchus," uncertainty once again surfaced. He claimed that this programme would offer viewers an inside look at the Manchu family. people began to speculate if the viral video was staged for the publicity of this reality show after its sudden release.

Since the Manchu brothers' dispute went viral, everyone assumed that Vidyanikethan university was to blame for the conflict between the two siblings. However, Manchu mohan babu addressed his boys' controversy in a recent interview. Indirectly using the story of Mahabharat as an example, mohan babu asserted that little things between brothers could lead to major problems, which could lead to the brothers losing everything. Therefore, he discussed his boys' disagreement in an indirect manner.

Additionally, according to mohan babu, manchu vishnu is the principal cause of Vidhyanikethan University's prosperity. In contrast to Manchu Manoj, who claimed he was not only interested in movies and would let vishnu handle the responsibility of keeping the university, he claimed that vishnu had been dedicating his entire time to the university for the past 12 years.

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