Brahmastra, directed by ayan mukerji, finally hit theatres in 2022 after an extended delay of more than 7 years. Years had passed since the movie's inception, but Mukerji's vision was eventually revealed to the audience in september of last year. The audience is eager to learn more about Dev as the movie concludes on a cliffhanger. The director has now officially announced the release date for Brahmastra 2!

At a News18 gathering, ayan mukerji discussed the Brahmastra sequels in detail. We'll create Brahmastra 2 and 3 together, he disclosed. In actuality, we'll need a little extra time to compose it. I am aware of the high level of interest. people are eager for the release of the movie's second half. But without sacrificing it, pehle achchi tarah se likhenge (first we will write it correctly). I estimate that it will take three years before Brahmastra 2 is released on a large screen.

Ranbir Kapoor had previously hinted that Parts 2 and 3 would be filmed concurrently in an exclusive interview. The Astraverse's potential for exploration is limitless, he had said. The past and universe of each Astra can be the subject of a number of films. In order to avoid causing the films to be delayed and to ensure that they hit theatres on time, our team has decided to capture parts 2 and 3 simultaneously.

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