One of the top stars in telugu cinema, mahesh babu, recently tweeted his admiration for the recently released movie "Dasara." The celebrity only had positive things to say about the movie, describing it as "stunning cinema." The cast of "Dasara" and the producers were delighted by Mahesh Babu's tweet. As a result of the tweet, mahesh babu and "Dasara" followers alike shared the post and offered their congratulations to the cast.

The actors and crew of "Dasara" have expressed their appreciation to mahesh babu for his kind words, and they have welcomed his tweet. Mahesh Babu's remark is anticipated to increase the movie's box office take. The movie premiered on march 30, 2023, and critics and viewers have both given it favorable evaluations. srikanth Odela's "Dasara" is an intense action thriller. The female protagonist in the movie was portrayed by Keerthy Suresh.

Superstar mahesh babu, who enjoys high-quality films, has recently expressed his opinions on Dasara. "So so proud of Dasara," Mahesh added. With a few fire emoticons, she added, "Stunning cinema." Mahesh finally gave a movie a review, and it's easy to see how great it is when the Superstar expresses his pride in it. Numerous admirers have liked and commented on the tweet, which has received thousands of likes. Mahesh should be noted as being the first major telugu film star to recognize Dasara.

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