Teja, a gifted filmmaker noted for his candor in speeches and interviews, seems to be making muddled statements more frequently as of late. teja gave a speech last night at the premiere of his film Ahimsa. teja made a number of contradicting claims when attempting to explain why he had to work with abhiram Daggubati on a film, including that it did not turn out well.

In a previous interview, teja claimed that the only reason he selected abhiram as his Ahimsa was that the man was the right match for the part. teja said in the prerelease that he made the movie out of guilt, although his speech seemed muddled. When explaining the background, teja revealed that the famous Rama Naidu had once requested him to work on a film with Abhiram; however, teja afterward stopped returning his calls despite having made a commitment to do so. A few days later, Rama Naidu passed away, and teja claims that he began to feel regret for having disregarded the late producer's advice. As a result, he agreed to work with abhiram on a movie.

In addition, teja claimed that after writing a narrative and telling it to suresh Babu, the latter unexpectedly displayed reluctance and queried, "Why with Abhiram?"

Teja claimed, "I managed to persuade suresh Babu, but after we had completed 90 percent of the film, he realized that the film had not worked out well and requested me to stop. I emphasized that keeping this promise to Rama Naidu was more important than making a big profit or becoming an overnight success. Then suresh Babu was persuaded as well.

In reference to his Nene Raju Nene Mantri, teja stated that he would soon be directing a film with Rana; the working title is "Rakshasa Raju." He didn't say much about it, so we'll have to wait and see whether it comes to pass. teja talked about the selection process while also disclosing the names of the individuals he welcomed in Ahimsa. He related an instance in which he watched Shakeela's "Kameswari" and made the decision that she would play the lecturer in his film.

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