Superstar prabhas enlisted the help of his friend vikram Reddy and friend Pramod to form uv creations, the production company that became known for producing the majority of the Baahubali films. They were actually going to be the regional partners for films like Spirit, Adipurush, and others. However, it appears that prabhas has completely stopped that fad.

It was recently revealed that people media Factory, the maker of Prabhas' most recent movie "Raja Deluxe," has purchased the telugu rights to Aadipurush for close to $170 crores. That comes as a surprise as uv creations already joined as the movie's local partner a long time ago and had intended to release the movie widely in the two telugu states. Additionally, it has now come to light that people media Factory will co-produce sandeep Reddy Vanga's Spirit, leaving uv creations out of the picture.

Some claim that this issue was caused by the recent IT raids on uv creations, which is why people media Factory showed up. However, there are rumours circulating that uv creations incurred significant losses recently as a result of the box office failures of several films they were involved with; as a result, they have chosen to steer clear of Prabhas' high-profile, lavish productions. Whatever the case, the departure of uv creations from Prabhas' films and the entrance of people media Factory are currently the topics of conversation.

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