As soon as the first image from Allu Sirish's "Buddy" was revealed, rumours that the movie was a remake of Arya's "Teddy," which was released in 2021, began to circulate. The crew is actually saying the following regarding the movie's plot, which was created by filmmaker sam Anton, who is best known for the movies darling and Gurkha.

It appears that the "Buddy" teaser and the hashtag "Not A Remake" were both issued by the film's creators. This is the first of its kind because, in addition to picking a subject that is similar to another film's, it is shocking to learn that it is not a remake of any of these. sirish -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>allu sirish may have become enthused about finishing this project in secret, but because he hasn't made any announcements about it, rumours have circulated that the Allu hero has opted to remake another film following ABCD.

No matter what, if a movie's content connects with audiences, it will succeed at the box office regardless of whether it is a remake or a direct script. It appears that sirish has a winner in hand this time, as the movie's VFX-heavy content creates a serene ambiance throughout.

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