Cinema is a medium that can go where other forms of media cannot. In india, it is typical for the major political parties to support films that promote them and disparage the competition. But the bjp has been going out and seeing films for the past few years, and this year seems to be the culmination of that.

It is well known that vivek oberoi played the principal character in a direct biopic of prime minister narendra Modi. Not only that, but manmohan Singh, the then-prime minister, was made the target of another movie. The kashmir Files and The kerala Story need not be mentioned. Some of these films received a lot of positive reviews at the box office, which encouraged the political group to promote further films in the same vein.

In an apparent attempt to elevate Veer Savarkar above mahatma gandhi as a liberation fighter, the national party has unveiled "The india House" and "Swatantrya Veer Savarkar." Now, a new film with the working title "Godhra" has been unveiled. The 2002 Godhra riots damaged PM narendra Modi's reputation, and now it appears that the bjp is putting its own spin on the events. The train is in flames in the opening scene of Godhra, which uses the slogan "Accident or Conspiracy." Even though the teaser lacks additional information, the names on it already create anticipation. Before the next general election, it must be examined whether the bjp is bringing on more films.

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