Prior to kgf in 2018, the majority of people in the nation were unfamiliar with the kannada film industry. kannada films only sometimes found success in foreign language markets. But Prashanth Neel's historical mafia drama kgf altered the situation. If kgf was only a trailer, prashanth neel demonstrated the endurance of kannada film with kgf 2. It performed spectacularly at the box office and brought in more money in hindi than even Rajamouli's RRR.

But now Prashanth Neel's true mettle will be put to the test. It will be intriguing to observe Prashanth Neel's approach to directing a movie outside the kgf setting. He is now working on Salaar, which will star Prabhas. It is clear from the way Salaar looks and feels that kgf is still having a small influence on it. prashanth neel must demonstrate to his critics that he is more than capable of producing a movie that does not follow the kgf model, or else he will be painted as a filmmaker who is limited by the kgf style of filmmaking.

Salaar is quite popular across India, not only in the South. The movie will undoubtedly have the largest debut ever both domestically and abroad. Therefore, prashanth neel has the task of producing a movie that is as potent and successful as kgf while being distinct from KGF. There will be no turning back if he succeeds in doing that with Salaar.

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