Fatman explained his divorce from Mahalakshmi..!?

No matter how big things happened last year, the only thing is still worried about is the marriage of Ravinder and Mahalakshmi. A panel was held on how the couple got married. Many people speculated that Mahalakshmi married Ravinder for money and that it would not last for long. Ravinder, who is a no-nonsense 90s kid, posted romantic photos of himself with Mahalakshmi on Instagram. While lamenting whether there was an end to this or not, the news of Ravinder Mahalakshmi's divorce came into the air. If we listen to it, both of them give us a shock reaction like divorce. Even more so, Ravinder's mannerisms could not be tolerated. Ravinder, who participated in an interview recently, was asked about the divorce news.
We don't have any big fights and Mahalakshmi has extra love for her. Apart from that, he says that only when he talks to Mahalakshmi's friends will there be a fight between them. Hearing this, the fans were shocked. When half of the 90s kids are still unmarried, they marry a girl like Lattu for the second time, and they are accused of cheating on her. Apart from that, they have also commented that their curse will not go in vain.
Ravinder has made a difference in many people's lives, and Vattikuchi Vanitha is also on this list. Similarly, his wife took to YouTube that Mahalakshmi was the reason why small-screen actor Eshwar's life was cut short. So it was Mahalakshmi who was like a lid on a jar for Ravindra.

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